I offer editing, QC, and mastering to spec for audiobooks.

I also offer remote directing, studio consultations, and (sometimes) narration.


I’ve engineered, directed, edited, and mastered over 300 audiobooks in my career, beginning as an in-house engineer at Brilliance Audio (Amazon) and eventually going into business for myself as a freelancer. 



“With over a thousand books recorded I speak from experience when I say they don’t get any better than Justin. He’s the complete package when it comes to post-production work… meticulous work, immensely knowledgeable, fast and accurate.”

Dick Hill, Narrator


“At the beginning of my audio career, Justin was one of the first engineers I worked with. I have been grateful for his patience, impressed by his professionalism and often inspired by his creativity. If you’re looking to get an audiobook done, he’s your man!”

Sue Pitkin, Narrator


“Justin is on call as the guy in town who can fix any computer or audio problem I’ve ever dealt with in my studio. He was great when we met (as a staff engineer for Brilliance Audio) and in the decade plus since I’ve known him, he has grown into a Narrator’s Best Friend. I recommend him without hesitation.”

Joyce Bean, Narrator/Director


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Justin on dozens of audiobook recordings. His knowledge of the intricacies of the recording software/equipment and his attention to detail has always inspired the best in those with whom he works.”

-Jim Bond, Narrator/Director